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The Countdown Continues! 6 Months Left!

February & March Update

I am 6 months from leaving to head to Brazil! How surreal is that? All this planning and talking about following Jesus and going to Brazil, and now the time is so near! These last two months have included some small changes including going part time at work, working on some training assignments, support raising, getting ready for Field Prep, beginning to make plans for when I'm actually in Brazil, etc. So read along for the details!

First thing first! I started working part-time in mid-February! I cleaned up my desk and moved to a different location at Liberty where I am now working part-time as a contractor working with our task management system that we are making some process changes with. I love the new role and how I get to work more closely with a few people. I also enjoy working 20 hours a week as it helps me get some of my ABWE training done. This was a struggle when I was working full time. I also get extra time to spend with my loved ones in Lynchburg. I leave VA in July this year. All in all, I'm grateful for the opportunity to still work but to be able to do so for fewer hours each week.

I also spoke at the church my friends, Drew & Eunice, are a part of in February called Swift Creek Baptist Church. I met so many amazing people while I was there and was deeply encouraged in my following the Lord to South Brazil. I am thankful for the time I had with this body of believers.

I always love spending time with this little squish when I visit Drew and Eunice. This picture cracks me up!

I have been reading a lot recently! I have been working on my Hermeneutics class where I have been learning how to study God's word. It has been a lot of work but overall beneficial even for how I read the Bible in my day to day life. I am currently reading a book about the history of Brazil called "The Brazilians." It has been extremely insightful in helping me understand the culture of Brazil and why people think the way they do! It has also been really heavy! What I am reminded in all the heartbreaking history that I read through is that our world is truly broken and people have the capacity to do good and extreme evil. Ultimately, we need Jesus! We need saving. I am excited to keep reading through history of religion and cultural loves of Brazil (like soccer and telenovelas)!

I will finish this book next week and then... I WILL BE GOING TO FIELD PREP IN APRIL OFFICIALLY!

I am also at 88% supported (93% with verbal support)! God has certainly provided for my EVERY need! I never cease to be amazed at the conversations I have and how He just brings people into my life that He's already been stirring to support me. If you are interested in financially supporting me, either via monthly or one time gift, let me know! I'd love to talk to you about it! I also have some links that you can use to sign up for support: ONE TIME GIFT and/or MONTHLY SUPPORT

What are my next steps? 

  1. I am speaking at Gospel Community's International Dinner tomorrow night doing some Q&A about Brazil (details in the image below). If you are local and are curious, sign up, come, & bring a dish for the potluck. Pray for me that I will clearly articulate these next steps that God is taking me on.

  2. I am participating in a Spring Vendor Market that I have a table at where I will be selling my jewelry. Saudade Jewelry is one of the fundraisers that I have been doing to raise my One Time Support. If you're near Appomattox, VA next Saturday, come on by and get some jewelry!

  3. Field Prep will be April 22 - May 3. I will be heading up to PA for 2 weeks for this training. Pray for me that this training would be beneficial in my life now and as I continue to move towards leaving to live in South Brazil.

  4. After these steps are complete and May is here, I will be finishing assignments to attend Essential Missions Components (EMC) Training, packing up to move home to NY in July, and prepping to leave the place I've called home for nearly 10 years now (Lynchburg, VA). Pray for me and those that I'm leaving in this time of transition. This is going to be good but not easy!

Thank you guys for reading my updates, for your encouragement, and for all those who support me financially and prayerfully. God uses every bit of it! I'm excited (and slightly scared) for all that is in store, but, if I have learned anything in this season of Lent, it is that God provides for my daily needs. He simply desires that I would simply sit at His feet and trust that He truly does love me. There is where I have found deep peace. I'm looking forward to Easter and the joy of celebrating that our Savior and Mediator is alive!

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