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Some Exciting News!!

I have good news!

I am officially an ABWE missionary appointed to South Brazil!!!

I know it took so long for me to finally get an update out to you guys with this great news! It has been quite busy this week with going to New Missionary Orientation (NMO), finals week, my brother's wedding, and then my family being in town. It has been a very eventful 4 weeks, and I am beyond thankful for all God has been teaching me along the way.

At NMO, I learned about all that God is doing around the world with ABWE missionaries. It is really exciting! One of my favorite stories was about a missionary in Kosovo who is teaching where a civil war has robbed many families of husbands and fathers. Her teaching the students has provided an opportunity for the Gospel with the mothers, children, and the community at large. What God is doing through this woman's heart to serve is truly breathtaking.

We also did a lot of training around cultural sensitivity, partnerships, support raising, donor care, vision casting, sharing what God has laid on our hearts, and most importantly how big our God is! I also met some other new missionaries going all over the world and made some lifelong memories and friendships.

I went through a series of 6 interviews, 8 days of training, and I am officially an ABWE missionary heading to South Brazil to join the Porto Alegre team planting churches. I'm extremely excited for what is ahead. There is much to do like training, support raising, and a number of other assignments.

I am meeting with some of the leaders from my church on Tuesday this week to talk about some of the specifics of how Gospel Community Church at Rivermont will walk alongside me in this journey ahead of the sending and the going. I trust that in the days ahead God is going to show up in some mighty and some small ways. I know that my faith will be tested and the roots of that same faith will deepen as a result.

Isaiah 26:3-4 says, "You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord is an everlasting rock." Pray alongside me that God will grow and strengthen my faith as I serve in Lynchburg and prepare to go to South Brazil. Pray also how you can join me in the journey ahead, whatever that is, however God leads. There are a number of options of what that looks like.

There are some things you can be praying for me about and for you about. One of these is that God will provide the financial support I need to be able to go. I need to raise about $3500 per month  (monthly donors) to be able to go as well as my outfit and passage to move to Brazil (one time gifts). I have no doubt that God will meet my every need in His timing. If God wants me to go, I will in His perfect timing. Not my timing, nor anyone else's. Pray and consider if you would join my financial support team and help in sending me to Brazil as a church planter.

Also, pray about joining my prayer team. I will be creating a separate mailing list for those times when I need people to join me in praying over decisions, spiritual battles, the lost, loneliness on the field, etc. These could be big things or small ones. I'm looking for some prayer warriors who will join me at the feet of Jesus in prayer.

Please reach out to me if you would like to hear more about Brazil, the vision God has placed on my heart, and anything in between. Let me know if you are interested in joining my financial and prayer teams. If you would like to give financially, whether a one time gift or monthly support, here is a link to my ABWE Missionary Portal where you can do that. Let me know if you have some talent or gift that you'd like to use to help in sending me or that you'd like to share with me that I can carry with me to Brazil.

I appreciate you all taking the time to read through my update email. In the weeks ahead, I plan to create a website, a prayer card, and a Facebook group. If you're interested in any of the above, let me know as well. I would be delighted to send the information your way. God created the body of Christ to function with each of their gifts that He has given whether spiritual gift, talent, etc. I need you guys, and I'm thankful for your encouragement and support through this entire process of God sending me to Brazil. Let me know how I can also be praying for you this week.

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