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New Missionary Orientation Week - Day 2

Hello from New Missionary Orientation!

We just finished Day 2 of New Missionary Orientation. The various staff of ABWE have provided quite a bit of information these past two days and there are 6 days left! I also have met some really amazing Christians who are really seeking out where God is leading and how He will use them as part of His plan to reach the ends of the earth. I feel like I’ve made some lifelong friends here this week and it’s only day 2. I’ll just give you a brief overview over these last two days. Day 1 each new missionary shared their testimony and country God is leading them to with the group. It was beautiful hearing how God was leading each of them to be His hands and feet all over the world! I was nervous because it was timed, but I made it under the 4 minutes allotted, shared my testimony, and about why Brazil. Then we got to hear about the various regions of the world where ABWE has missionaries and God is working. I cried a lot (of course!) and was moved by how God is at work all across the globe. We finished up learning about the regions today (also involved some tears). Then we had some training classes followed by 3 interviews. They were so much more relaxed than I thought and more like a conversation than an interview. I appreciated my time with each person I interviewed with.

I could continue in the little details and ins and outs of the week, but I’m going to give you some cool things God is teaching me instead and some ways that you can be praying alongside me in the days ahead. So one thing God reminded me of this week is that God provides for each of our needs in His timing (and it may not look as we expect). He is the God who sees us exactly where we are, exactly as we are, and meets us there. This is something that God wanted to remind me this week and hold onto to remember in the weeks ahead. There is a lot of pre-field to be done before I can actually go to Brazil, whether that be training or raising financial support (image above), but I will go to Brazil in God’s perfect timing.

I have had some pretty wonderful discussions with various people this week, but I’ll share only one for now. I met a lady named Sheila today at lunch who was extremely encouraging in all that God has laid on my heart concerning the people of Brazil and what He is doing with me where I am. Her daughter went to Liberty and her son is currently attending there. We shared about some of my experiences, the experiences of her children, and how important it is to rely on God in prayer in all of life. Such an uplifting conversation! She prayed with me that God would use me where I am and where He is taking me. She was one genuine, inspiring, Christ-loving lady.

A fun fact from this week is that I have made friends with every baby! I love it! Their sweet little giggles are so precious – like music.

As I continue on in this week and the days, weeks, and months ahead, here are some ways that you can be praying with me: 1) That God would direct my steps in where He would like me to go in South Brazil and how He would like to use me specifically as part of the church there. 2) That God would lead me to the people that He has in planned for me to disciple. I have to complete this as part of my pre-field training, but also, this is just an important part of living life as a believer – sharing Jesus with the world. 3) That I would be diligent in putting in the work to complete my pre-field (that includes both development training and financial support) and trust God to send me to Brazil in His perfect timing. 4) That I would learn so much this week in New Missionary Orientation and that I would have clarity of speech as I interview a few more times in the days ahead. I have 3 more including the one where I receive my final answer on whether or not I will be a missionary with ABWE. 5) That God would continue to break my heart for the people of Brazil and give me a deeper compassion for those who do not know the depths, widths, and heights of the love of God that we can see so evidently in Jesus Christ’s payment for our sins as the perfect lamb.

I love you all! Let me know how I can be praying for each of you as well. May your soul find rest in the fact that God is our rock and refuge this week (Psalm 62). Thank you for your prayers and support!

- Megan Kinne        

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