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Financial Update

I wanted to give you all some information including a short summary of what I will be doing in Brazil when I go and various ways you are able to support me, specifically in regards to financial support.

About what I'm doing in Brazil...

My goal is to go to Brazil as a long-term missionary sometime between January and July of 2019. I will be going to Rio Grande Do Sul as part of a church plant. This region is the most southern state of Brazil. After my first time there, I knew that God was leading me to move there to join the missionaries I met in spreading the Gospel in Southern Brazil. I plan to serve in the areas of youth, children, and sports ministry as well as any other area God leads. I want to use various gifts God has given me to spread the Gospel in South Brazil to those who have not heard the hope found in Christ. These desires are all things I have shared many times before. If you would like to hear more of the details of what God has laid on my heart and why I am going to Brazil, I'd love to share with you. Please message me, and we can meet or set up a phone call.

What will it take...

One thing that it will take is financial support. So often we avoid this topic, but I know that God provides through the generosity of His people giving back to Him. I know and trust that He will provide for all of my needs. So I want to send out this email to answer some questions and share with you what my financial needs are. This will also include some of the options of how to give. Why these numbers and options are important to make you all aware of is I cannot leave for Brazil until I am at 100% supported both in monthly support and outfit & passage (more details below). There are also "check point trainings" at 50% and 85% that I must attend before I can go. I will provide updates on where I am in support raising in each email from here on out as I want to be transparent throughout the process.

As you read and after, take some time to pray about how you and your family may be a part of what God is doing in sending me to South Brazil. Please feel free to ask me any questions along the way. I'd be happy to share. Below are some options regarding ways you can give.

Automatic Support Program

This type of giving is one option on how to give monthly. I need to raise $3583.51 per month to be able to go to Brazil (as shown on the left). This way of giving allows you to set up automatic giving from your bank account or by credit/debit. With this option, you can select which day of the month you would like the donation to be taken out each month (there are a few options). Also, you can start giving immediately using this option or when you would like to start your donations. The link to do this is

Support Commitment

This is another type of monthly giving; however, it is slightly different than the Automatic Support Program. This way of giving allows you to support me but at a future date. This non-binding form lets missionaries know they can count on you for future support but your support can start at a later date - this date can be when I am leaving for Brazil, in October, in February, or whenever prior to my leaving for Brazil. In the Support Status image above, you can see that there is a support percentage. A support commitment counts towards that percentage and allows me to go to various trainings that I need to go to before leaving for Brazil. The link to enroll in this giving commitment is

One Time Giving

This option of giving provides funds for my Outfit & Passage (moving costs including visa, travel, moving my things, car, fees for housing, etc.). This cost will go down as I have some things already that are a part of these costs (like a computer because someone donated a brand new laptop to me! Praise God, our great provider!).

Though this number says $0 in the image above, I am currently at $2,500 of my O&P. Much of that is because of my Grandma's memorial fund going towards sending me to Brazil to share Jesus with those who don't yet know Him. This has wrecked me in some beautiful and tough ways. Still is. I am so grateful to be her granddaughter. The link to give a one time gift is

On another note, below is my prayer card! Dani did a great job designing them and Ashlee did an amazing job with the photo session. If you would like a prayer card, please reply with your address and I will send one to you along with some more details about what I will be doing in Brazil and how you can come alongside me in where God is leading.

(PS - The website noted at the bottom of the prayer card is currently under construction. It will be up and ready in 2 weeks. Exciting!)

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